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How can I request a new feature for the app?
How can I request a new feature for the app?
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We are glad you are using our application and we hope it's been useful for you and your store.

We have this feature request available for you to be able to ask us about any new features you want to see on the application. So please feel free to use it and tell us what else you want to see on Back in Store or if you want to share any feedback about the app.

  1. Go to your app dashboard, click on Request a Feature.

  2. Use the Submit a Feature Request form. There you can type the feature title, details and also add some images if needed.

  3. Click on the submit button.

  4. โ€‹

We will share all your ideas with our development team and will see if it's possible to implement them. So in this way, all of us can grow together..

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