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The Notify Me Widget isn't appearing on the website
The Notify Me Widget isn't appearing on the website
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If you installed Back in Stock - In stock alerts on your store, and you’re still not able to see the Notify When Available widget, then it can probably be because of one of the following reasons:

1- Your theme is not supported out of the box.

2- An additional caching layer you may have on your store that's preventing new files to load on your browser.

3- Your out of stock variants aren’t selectable.

In scenario #1, please send us an email on [email protected], and we will add support for your theme. We can support any theme, even if it’s a custom one.

In scenario #2, please check the following:

  • See if you are using any page speed optimization app that caches website pages and inform us immediately.

  • Try it in a private/incognito window. Modern browser caches old javascript/CSS files. And so anything new may take some time to reflect. However, a private/incognito window always gets the latest files.

  • Try on any device where you haven't pulled up your store in recent time.

  • If the above does not work, then, let the cache die and try again. Cache usually dies within 24 hrs.

In scenario #3, kindly note that for stores where out of stock variants are not selectable, the widget will not show based on variant selection events. So, you need to either make the variants selectable or enable the "Always Show the widget" option from "Customize" -> "Product Page Button" -> "Button Behavior" settings.

Then, the widget will show on the product page if any of the variants are out of stock. For more details about the way the widget works on variant level, please visit here.

Still not displaying in your store? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help!

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