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Can I customize the Signup form?
Can I customize the Signup form?

Describes how to customize the Signup form

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You certainly can! The Back in Stock app allows you to easily customize the Signup form so it matches your store language, colors, and styling. For that:

1. From the Back in Stock - Restock Alerts.

2. Go to Customize-> Signup Form-->Product page button--> button appearance-->Signup form labels/Confirmation Message/ Sign up form labels.

Here you can make all the customizations to your sign up form. On the "Form Labels" and the "Confirmation Messages" section, you can show or hide fields, as well as edit, customize, and translate manually all the headings, labels, and messages that appear in the registration form.

The "Color and Styles" section will allow you to change the text style, border styles, background colors, text color, and more.

If you want to further make tweaks to your signup form, you can also add custom CSS for the customization in this section if you are in Premium or higher plans.

Note: Your changes will appear in your store in a few minutes after saving the changes. Don't forget to refresh your product page to see the changes.

Not able to customize the look and feel of your Signup form? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help!

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