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How to integrate Postscript and Back in Stock Alerts
How to integrate Postscript and Back in Stock Alerts

Learn how to send your restock alerts using Postscript and Back in Stock alerts app.

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SMS is a highly visible channel, allowing you to communicate with your customers even when they are offline. We've integrated with Postscript, a SMS marketing app for Shopify stores, to enable you to send back-in-stock SMS alerts to interested shoppers.

Since SMS has a 98% open rate, we recommend you use this channel to bring back customers that have been lost to stock-outs.

Ps. This integration requires you to create an account on Postscript.

Here’s how to enable the integration and get started:

1. Log in to the Back in Stock Alerts app dashboard.

2. Go to the Integrations tab.

3. Click on the Postscript integration card.

Here, you need to fill the API key from the Postscript dashboard.

4. Go to your Postscript dashboard. Hover over your store name to see a dropdown. Click on API from the dropdown menu.

5. Click on ‘Create Security Key Pair’.

6. You need to confirm the creation. Click on ‘Yes’ in the widget that appears.

7. You need to copy and paste the private key on your Back in Stock dashboard. Click on ‘Show’ under ‘Private Key’ and copy the API key here.

8. Go back to your Back in Stock dashboard.

  • Paste the API key in the corresponding field.

  • Once you’ve pasted your key, click on the dropdown under ‘Select Your Keyword’ and choose one of your keywords.

9. Click on ‘Save’.

You’ve successfully set up your integration with Postscript!

Note: Before adding new subscribers to Postscript, please ensure that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations, such as the TCPA. For more information on SMS compliance, please review Postscript’s Introduction to SMS Compliance.

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