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How to control your back in stock notifications?
How to control your back in stock notifications?

Learn how to control the delivery rate of your restocks alerts from the Back in Stock app.

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Back in stock app knows the importance of sending timely alerts when your products are restocked. But at the same time, they need to go out to the right customers and in a controlled way, across email, web push notifications, Messenger, and SMS.

1. Log into your Back in Stock app dashboard from Store Admin -> Apps -> Back in Stock

2. From the left-hand side menu, click on Account -> Delivery Policy

3. Toggle the Notification Rate switch on

4. Enter the Notification Rate for restock alerts you send on SMS, email, web push and Facebook Messenger.

When you set the notification rate to ‘1’, we send the restock alert to the same number of customers as the inventory quantity available.

Here's an example to explain the above:

Let's say 100 customers subscribe for one product and the product gets restocked. Then, the back in stock app enables you to send out the notification in defined time intervals/ batches.

So if you restocked inventory is 10 in quantity and you have 100 subscribers, setting the notification rate at '2', will ensure that there is a 2 hour interval between restock alerts sent to 20 customers.

Note: If the product goes out of stock again before sending notification to the 100th subscriber, we will stop sending notifications for the product.

5. You can also set which customers should be notified first under Notification Order.

6. Further, you can also set a Delivery Interval to define how long the app should wait before the next set of customers are notified of a product restock.

Once you’re done, remember to click on ‘Save’. And you’re done!!

Having trouble changing the Delivery Policy settings for your restock alerts?

Reach out to us at any time.

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