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How to hide back in stock widget on a lot of products?
How to hide back in stock widget on a lot of products?

Learn how you can hide the back in stock button for multiple products on your store.

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This guide explains how to hide the notify widget on a bunch of products.

We know how tough it can be to use product tags in this case.

With our new feature, you can now hide the back in stock widget or button based on product collections.

Note: The feature is available only on the premium plan and above.

All you need to do is:

1. Log into Store Admin -> Apps -> Back in Stock.

2. Once on the dashboard, click on Customize from the lefthand side menu.

3. Then click on the Product Page Button from the dropdown.

4. Here, you need to click on Button Behaviour to open the display settings of your back in stock widget.

5. Over here, under Hide from Collections, you need to search and select the collection of products you don’t want to display the widget on.

Remember to click on Save when you are done.

Not able to find the collection you want to hide, or facing a problem setting this up? Reach out to us for support.

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