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What are Immediate Alerts and How can I access them?
What are Immediate Alerts and How can I access them?
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With this feature, we will send you an email notification every time customers sign up on the form to receive the notification. This information will be useful for you to know in real time how the app is working and also it will help you to estimate how many products you should restock based on its demands.

Besides, you can choose how many notifications you want to receive per day and also it allows you to type different email accounts, so you and your team can be notified.

For you to activate it, you just need to follow the next steps::

  1. Go to your app dashboard, click on Account and then click on Activity Updates.

  2. On the Immediate Alerts tab, type the email accounts where you want to receive the notifications (if you want to add more than one email, just separate them by comma).

  3. Type the maximum limit per day that you want to receive. Choose the number and once we have daily fulfilled, you will stop receiving notifications.

  4. Click on save button.

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